Sunday, 11 October 2015

Sundays In Paris

Are boring as fuck.

Mainly because my bae (do people still use this word? Did they ever non ironically?) of a supermarket is closed on Sundays so I have to make the awful journey to the shithole of Franprix a few streets away.

Anyhoo, I thought we could all do a Things What I Have Done This Week because of aforementioned boredom and also I have things of cray cray excite to share.

1. I got some really good apples yesterday. They look like Snow White apples. Like, properly red and stuff. Not poisoned. So that's fun.

2. When bored on another day, I found this link from a blog. Can't remember what blog. But hey, that's life - full of little disappointments. Anyway I found it sweet and a little bit sad and I even shared it on Facebook like a middle aged mother: I met you in the rain on the last day of 1972

3. Before R left me all on my lonesome as he had to go and play on a boat, we played an epic* game of Scrabble. This picture was my lock screen on my phone until I changed it for a picture of a cat.

*It was epic because we filled the board and played until we couldn't think of any more words and had run out of letters. I realise all the words are a bit shit. Except for sausage. That was mine.

4. We played another game the night after and R got like 200 points in his first few goes because he kept finishing all his letters and I got really mad...

I got even more annoyed when he pointed out that I only had one 'arse'. The other 2 were 'iarse' and 'asre'. Either way, I think he knew what I was getting at. 200 bloody points..

5. The Dreaded Tourists descended on Paris on Saturday like a flock of really annoying geese with big cameras. And yes I used to be one myself, I know, but I feel like I've been here 2 months so I have the right to complain. Although it was totally my fault for going to try and find a bookshop at Notre Dame. Because Notre Dame is all famous and shit. 

6. I've read a fuck tonne of books since getting to Paris and also since having my internet and Netflix snatched horribly from me. And I've loved it. To an extent. It's been so nice to curl up with my Kindle and yes, I am fully aware it is not as good as a book but it's been so useful so there's that. 

Sadly they are the most interesting Things What I Have Done This Week that I could think of. Here, have a picture of Paris looking deceivingly pretty to make up for it.

Have a good Sunday, fuckers.


  1. Happy Sunday Nance, I spent mine traipsing around a forgotten part of London seeking a Sunday Roast, ended up having to get a pizza because everywhere was fully booked (fucking London) and then got struck down by period pains so intense I couldn't finish said pizza.

    Woe is us my wee pal, woe is us


    1. PS bet you were looking for that Shakespeare bookshop werent you?

    2. Oooohhh R and I are coming to London in a bit - where can we go?!!

      Also bitch please, been there done that with the Shakespeare one - kinda cool but not worth all the people. Apparently they've got a cafe opening up soon too somewhere...