Friday, 2 September 2016

Living The Dream?

In an attempt to bring back my (usually) ever eternal optimism, imma follow up my last post with a FUN CREAM PUFF FILLED POST ABOUT DREAMS and try to ignore the excruciating period cramps and hormonal acne blizzard on my face right now.

I need no excuse to show off my enormously fluffy fatball. Just look at the casual pose, the perfect blending in.. I did nearly sit on him the other day because I couldn't see him. Master of disguise and food.

Anyway anyway anyway, I want to write about dreams. More specifically, my dreams. And not the weird sleeping dreams about -ahem- cats. I would call them goals but then that would make me annoyed if I never achieved them and dreams sound more magical anyway so.

As of about 3 days ago, my new dream is to own a self converted campervan and go away to magical mystery adventures with Eskie and potentially Ryan if he is feeling extra nice and also if we get a van with a super high roof so he can stand up.

I've been madly stalking various couples' instagrams and blogs and obsessively looking through all their gorgeous carefree photos of fun times in cosy bohemian vans and one of them even has a PET CAT that LIVES IN THE VAN WITH THEM and they even take it on HIKES ON A LEAD and it SWIMS and goes KAYAKING with them in his little CAT LIFEJACKET.

There's also tonnes more that I stalk/follow and I'm too over excited and in pain to think of them but they're equally as wanderlusty. And and and! There's a bloke who has turned his van into a camper/COFFEE SHOP where he serves freshly brewed coffee to whoever's around and he also has a website and sells coffee on there but lol I'm useless and have forgotten what it's called. And there's a girl who supports her travels by making jewellery on the road and selling it online and basically I want to buy all the things these people make so I can help fund their lifestyles and also hi everyone you're getting necklaces and coffee for Christmas.

I would LOVE to be able to do something creative to support myself like they're all doing. So don't be surprised in the very near future if all of a sudden What Have I Made This Time appears and I pop up everywhere trying to get you to buy friendship bracelets or something. 

I'd love to be able to do freelance travel writing or do enough cool stuff to warrant a travel blog or be an excellent photographer and take pictures of sea lions and shit for National Geographic. But to be fair, you'd not get much content out of me. 'Yeah sorry, no photo of the Greater Spotted Purple Leapord Bear, I was in prime position outside the lair and then got a craving for Krispy Kreme so...'

Anyway anyway anyway that's one dream which I like because it's totally feasible if I got my shit together so that gives me hope. 

My other dream right now which is more scary and stressy sounding is getting back into driving. I passed my test about a billion (four) years ago and haven't really driven since and am therefore terrified of motorways and roundabouts and other cars. I also have a shite attention span and will happily crash the car because I've seen a squirrel. However, I hate having to rely on Ryan or public transport to get anywhere and so I've decided that getting behind the wheel again will be the way forward. It also means that potentially we can move out of Hampshire (lol accidentally typed Hampshite which is so true) and into more fun places that are still commutable like Wiltshire. Cos Wiltshire def sounds like a blast... Can you commute to Southampton from Edinburgh??

So like, if someone wants to get me a car and/or campervan please proceed. And please also help me attempt to get the cat off the sofa and into a kayak...

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