Wednesday, 7 January 2015


Two posts in one day? What's this madness? Unfortunately, I do use this blog as a type of journal so you'll forgive me if I just write things wherever and whenever. This will be short, I promise.

I messaged TGI.

Not in a slightly drunken phase of 'come do me right now'. This was almost a.. Preparation message. I asked him - for the sake of drunk me - if we were done randomly hooking up or if it was still going to be an occasional thing. Just wanted to ask a genuine, straight question and get a genuine, straight answer.

Which I did:

'Yeah we're done.'

We're done.


So here's to the actual end of TGI. I can assure you that this will not be a reoccurring thing any longer. This is a legitimate ending to something which, quite honestly, shaped me as a person a bit. I'm not trying to be dramatic by saying that or by writing this post at all. I'm just saying that he was good for me.

He was good for me because he showed me that I deserve someone who will care for me. Someone who is kind. He was good for me because he showed me that I can have fun sleeping around a bit - as long as it doesn't go too far emotionally. He was good for me because he was fun. And the reason I messaged him was because I missed that a bit. It was actually one of the most stable 'relationships' that happened to me last year. We knew where we stood and we knew where we were going. To an extent. I know it all fucked up. I'm thinking about the good parts. Shhh.


Goodbye Rob. I'll never tell you this. But thank you.

Also I cried when I got that message. I'm obviously not as strong-hearted as I once thought.

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