Friday, 9 May 2014


Yes, that title is a Starkid reference. Yes you may go and find it in this musical here:

To make it even more exciting and adventurous, I'm not even going to tell you which part it's from. Gasp!

Edit: My laptop died on me before I could finish this so the title is not relevant at all since it is now Friday. A very nice smelling man from PC World fixed it for me, thank you for your concern.

Now, do you all remember Troy, my gorgeous sunshines? Of course you do, he was introduced in my last post, Jesus Christ, what have you all been doing with your lives if you've not had time to read my very important posts? WELL...

You  may recall that I slept over at his on Friday night after being extrêmement drunk. If you don't remember that just go look at the post underneath. Good god, must I do everything for you?

I got a message from him on the Facebook on Saturday morning saying he'd got my phone and my necklace. Considering I thought I'd lost my phone, this was really rather wonderful news. Also it's a bitchin' necklace. All gold 'n' shit. 

I realise I cannot get away with saying 'bitchin'' and using an abbreviated form of 'and'. Mainly because I put in apostrophes. I am fully aware that it is incredible uncool. I shall desist.

Right. Troy.

So I went back over to his to reclaim said necklace and phone but didn't stay long due to the fact that my friend and I had just ordered Domino's. HOT. DAMN. That pizza was so good. If we weren't poor students, we'd make it a daily meal. If I had to give up all my worldly possessions just for that pizza, I would. Fuck knows what it was though, can't for the life of me remember.

Bloody hell, you can tell I'm tired, can't you? It's 2am right now and I have a lecture in 7 hours. So imma just.. Not go to that methinks. It's just Visual Culture anyway. I mean, what even is that?



*High School Musical. God.

I exchanged a couple of messages with him but nothing interesting enough to be worth mentioning here.

WAIT! Have a pug! I can tell I'm starting to bore you with my tangents:

Gif  c/o of this Buzzfeed post. I swear, I have all their pug related posts bookmarked. Be prepared for many a pug on this blog.

Edit: As I said, it is now Friday and more shit has happened. I can't quite remember what I was going to tell you here so am just going to continue in a similar vein. #bestbloggerever. God, I hate hashtags.

Right, I'm pretty sure that all I was going to say was that Troy asked me out.

No big deal, right?


Would you like to know why it was a big deal? Of course you would.

This is a big ass deal parce que* he is also a Harry Potter nerd.

*French for 'because'. I'm so fucking cultured.

I don't think you're all understanding the magnitude of this discovery. He loves Harry Potter. He has a giant cardboard poster of the first film. He loves Harry Potter. I don't care about anything else.

So he's coming round tomorrow night - or I'll go to his - and I'm getting him to watch High School Musical.

Guys, I think I've found The One.

P.S: Another post coming later tonight because I fear I have highly disappointed with this one.

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