Friday, 13 November 2015

I'm Going To Live With A Boyyyy....


So I wanted to leave Paris and miraculously R got a job in the UK and like a dutiful wifey I decided to follow him home. Emphasis on the 'home'. We found a place in Southampton. Not even that. We found a house. WE HAVE A HOUSE!!!!

It's a little end of terrace 2 bedroom house with a back garden. And a shed. And we can have a cat. I'll say that again. A cat. All my dreams are coming true!!

This is not my cat. I do not own a cat. Yet.

To top it all off, I'm leaving Paris in 2 weeks time. For good. Which is kind of a shame because living in Paris for a year could've been much lols and something to talk about at future dinner parties. But now I am so glad to be going. R and I hated each other in Paris. We became the worst versions of ourselves, most probably because we had to live in a 12 metre squared room for weeks on end. It was a trying time whenever he was here. But I still love Paris because clearly I am a typical white girl.

I made R hold the hot chocolate every Basic White Girl must buy when in Paris. Also that's the Palace of Versailles in the background because I am a cultured white girl.

And we've completed our bucket list of things to do in Paris. Well nearly. R wanted to go to Disneyland but we couldn't afford it so that'll have to wait. But apart from that, we've done all the touristy stuff and then some (Cat Cafe...) and we even put a lock on the lock bridge today before R left to go home.

Look! I even did actual photo editing so at least one of my photos doesn't look like utter shit!

I'm in a weird mood tonight. There was something small that I saw in the MacDonalds we went to for lunch today that broke my heart and made it ache in empathy. And now I won't see R until next weekend when I travel back to the UK to pick up the keys for the house before finishing my last week in Paris. I'm in a horrible state of limbo as my life here is coming to a definite close and my life with R is taking a new direction. It's not a comfortable feeling. I need hugs and hot chocolate.

Also I'm going to live with a boy. How weird is that?

Just before I posted this I saw in the news about the shootings at Stade de France and in the 11éme which is scarily only 2 districts away from me. Get me out of Paris!

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