Sunday, 15 November 2015


For some reason my last post didn't post until now. I said at the end of it that I'd just heard about the Paris shootings a few arrondissements away from me. That night turned into my most socially active night having to reassure countless family members and friends that I was safely curled up in bed and unhurt.

The world has turned in solidarity with my city. Monuments are shining red, white and blue and there have been candlelit vigils while the city of light is in mourning.

It's a scary feeling when you learn of terrorist attacks in a city you know and it's even scarier living in that city. I just thank god that R left earlier that day as, had he stayed the night, we probably would have been out for drinks alongside fellow Parisians.

I feel so angry about all of this. Angry that innocent people were killed, angry that imbeciles are blaming refugees, angry that people (myself included, I'll hold my hands up to that) don't think of the daily attacks on innocent people in Syria and the like until it happens closer to home.

I had a request from Facebook to mark myself 'safe' after the Paris Shootings which I did. I hope to never have to do it again but who can tell what this world is coming to.

I ask anyone reading to hold their loved ones particularly close over the next few days - I wish I could right now but I'm on my own until I see R next Saturday. Tell people you love them daily and try to live your life with a bit more happiness and kindness. That's really what the world needs right now doesn't it? And if we can't personally stop wars or killings we can at least do our bit to remind the world that there is kindness around (#PorteOuverte).

Nous sommes tous Paris.

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