Friday, 26 February 2016

A Love Letter

Dear Lovely Man,

It's Friday morning and you're asleep. You've just come off a 12 hour night shift at work and came in to bed, freezing, at 7am. It's our day off today and I've had a lovely leisurely morning. I had a cup of tea in the bath - because we have hot water again after a week with no electrics! I've done half of the washing up before I got distracted by my book. I've hung the washing out. I've fed the cat and he's snoring in his fort. I need to clean the freezer but don't really want to go out in my dressing gown to the hose in the garden. I'd really quite like to get dressed but I don't want to wake you with, as you so nicely put it, my elephant feet.

I like having these long, quiet mornings. I know you think any time spent not doing things is time wasted but I get to appreciate things in this time. I get to think and drink coffee at my leisure and read my book with the cat sprawled out on my lap. I love the fact that you're asleep upstairs right now. In our house. Our house that is feeling more and more like a home. I love the routines we have although I hate you working nights. It's so cold going to bed by myself but at least I have the cat to cuddle up to as I wait for you. I love watching you with the cat. How you embraced my cat lady tendencies and went all out and agreed to get a little white ball of fluff for me. You love him really. Your 'little man'. He adores you. 

I can't quite believe that this is our life. I know you hate it when I call it 'old and boring' because you're right - it's anything but. Although a stark contrast to my life at uni and the lives of my friends who are out partying till the early hours, I love our life. Our life that's slowly finding its pace. We both work full time but our evenings are so precious. Whether we decide to go to the bowling alley for a game or two and a beer or two and an attempt or two for me to win a game... Or whether we stay in and watch a film all curled up on the sofa. Our Sunday nights going to the chip ship once I've finished work. I love the idea of making traditions with you. Of implementing things into our own little world that make it truly ours. 

I can't wait to see what our future holds. As much as I try to keep in the present and enjoy every second I have with you (although not the seconds spent arguing, I'll give you that) I can't help thinking of the future. We know we're both slightly unhappy with our jobs. We know it's expensive living here. We know we hate living under a landlord's thumb. But we can dream about what our future will hold. Maybe that cottage in the Lake District? Closer to Scotland so we can visit everyone we know. Maybe you'll work on the ferries? I know you miss being on a boat. Maybe I'll work out where my passion lies. Maybe we'll up everything and move into the log cabin we stayed in last year and hide out there forever. The cat would look right at home on a rug by a wood burning stove!

You'll be getting up in an hour so I should probably finish the dishes. We'll finish cleaning the house then decide what to do with the rest of our day. Maybe I'll prove to you the strike I got last week at the bowling alley wasn't just a one off? Or we could go for a frosty walk in the New Forest. Or just get in the car and drive. I love our drives. Our mini road trips. There's so much we've done in this past year! So many places we've lived and worked. But you've stuck with me during it all. Sometimes I can't quite believe you're still here with me. But you are and I love you for it. You're my world and I couldn't be happier. So thank you for this last year. It's been a whirlwind. 

I can't wait for the rest of our years together. 
I love you.
To the moon and back.
Forever and always.
I'm yours.

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