Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Just Call Me Doctor

So now that's out the way, can we please talk about what is even going on right now.

I just told a guy I couldn't see him again because I was: "currently working on the cure for cancer and therefore there may not be a next time due to my commitment in medical breakthroughs."

Just let that sink in a little.

Now that's not normal. That's not a grown up thing to do.

I've known the guy - let's call him Steven - about 3 weeks. Now Steven and I had talked on the Facebook and via the text messaging and had met up a few times. Then he asked me out on a date.


I am not a chick that goes for the whole dating thing. That scares the pants right off me. And not in a 'oh look, my pants have just been scared off, maybe we should bang' kind of way.

This is where the cancer curing comes in.

I like to think that whenever I have to tell TINY little white lies to get out of a situation, I only increase my prowess as a fabulous storyteller. AND I AM A STORYTELLER, DAMMIT.

Steven has not replied to this. Which is a shame as he was really very nice. But if you ask me out on an actual date, you tend to turn into a three-headed lake monster in my eyes. And no one wants that in their lives.*

*Unless you do. I don't judge.**

**That's a lie. I am awfully judgey. Aren't we all?***

***Probably not. Probably just me, sitting alone on the judgey throne of judging. And honey, you should see me in a crown.

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