Tuesday, 8 April 2014

One Day, There Might Even Be Photos

So yes, we are all aware that this is a very new blog. And yes, we are all aware that there is no 'we' involved here. It really is just me trying to spare my beloved friends the pains of having to listen to every self-centred sentence I will undoubtedly come up with on any given day.

So yes, the blog does suck on the appearance aspect (not on the written content aspect, obvs) but that is because TECHNOLOGY IS FUCKING DIFFICULT.

I braved a look at the html section on Blogger, then swiftly turned away to look at prettier things that didn't make my eyeballs want to fall out and my brain to fry.

And I will at some point whack in some photos in these posts. Maybe. But really, looking back over these previous posts - the fuck kinda photos would I put in?? Maybe I'll just shove in a few photos of cats every now and again. I'm sure that'll do.

You've realised now that this is a major filler post because I am super busy doing absolutely fucking nothing. I promise there will be a proper post coming up soon. But then again, no one's reading this so I can do whatever the fuck I want.

That's as rebellious as I'm ever going to get.


  1. Replies
    1. Why thanking you very much so. I think this is probably the most amount of times the word 'fuck' (in all its various forms) has been in one of my posts... I like to keep it classy.