Saturday, 19 April 2014


What up chicas.

The holibobs are nearly over and I am back at halls. My gorgeous friend and I went to Edinburgh for a couple of days which was rather fantastic but now I'm back and faced with piles and piles of work. Which I am avoiding. I'll go to the library at some point...

I was messaging TGI last night on Facebook for about 4 hours. Just thought I'd throw that out there, clear and simple.

Ours has become a very odd sort of 'relationship'. I think we are sort of exclusively sleeping with each other. Seeing as I got a text from him the other week saying how he had 'turned down birds for you'. Such a gentleman.

But that shit's boring. The most amazing thing about the conversation was that I managed to get him to watch a 5 minute clip from High School Musical 3.

Yep. The dancing on the rooftop in the rain clip.

Oh man. He is so my bitch.


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