Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Lord Dick of Dickington

So here's the deal.

I told SD that I wanted to sleep with TBB. And he got all kinds of mad and sad.

Still not over the Lee Pace thing. This may continue for quite some time.

He basically told me that he was thinking he should be ending... Whatever we had going on. But he couldn't because he liked me too much. He hoped that this was just a one off and he would be back soon so hopefully I wouldn't have to think about other guys.

I know right. He's so cool. And I'm an actual arsewank. 

And I know, I know, I know that I should not let this one get away. Because I can actually like, envision a future with this thing. I really want him to be back onshore so I can confirm this fact.


I got a drunk text from TBB last night. I love drunk texts. Drunk texts are my favourite. Anyway, the text in question was something along the lines of 'I would very much like to have the sex with you my fair maiden at a time around about now.'*

*Not a direct quote.

And I've been thinking about it.

Yep, you read that correctly. I am Lord Dick of Dickington. 

Why the fuck would I be thinking about meeting TBB for sex when clearly I like like SD and he like likes me? What is even wrong with me at this current moment in time? Because there must be something.

Am I scared? Is that it? Am I scared of committing to SD? Cos I kinda feel like this Thing will be a Proper Thing if I don't screw up the Thing by letting TBB's thing anywhere near my thing.

Which I won't, right? I'll see sense, won't I? SD will come back and all my worries about everything will just happily vanish...

Ugh, maybe I should just eat my thoughts for TBB? I mean, it's Pancake Day, I'm allowed to put copious amount of sugar into my body. I think that's what I'll do. Only until SD comes back and rights all the wrongs. 

Oh dear. I'll keep you updated.


  1. You know what's wrong with you? You're human.

    How dare you be human.

    So selfish.

    (Obvs a joke, don't go crying all over our whatsapp love in)


    1. God I know right. I'm the worst at being human.

      Or am I the best..? x

  2. One of these fellas is out on an oil rig...the other one actual typed the words Fair Maiden.

    The issue as far as I can tell is that you don't want to be alone...not that you want these other people. It sounds like a generalized anxiety and not so much that you'd rather have TBB or whoever. If that's the case you don't have to confess every wayward desire...because it isn't an actual desire for TBB.

    Unless yer trying to sabotage things with SD. In which case, you might want to figure out what that is all about before you drive SD insane. I don't get that sense...but, again what do I know other than what I read.

    Suck it up nancy.


    1. Do I frustrate you as much as I frustrate myself? If so, I do apologise. Because I am being very, very annoying at this current moment in time.

    2. You aren't frustrating at all. First of all it's your gotta get it out somewhere and Charlotte's got a's not as if your feelings are unnatural.