Saturday, 14 February 2015

Tequila Made Me Write This

Tequila also made me write 'right' in that title. That's what we're dealing with here.

Welcome to drunk blogging part fuck knows. It has been too many times.

So here's the deal.

It's Valentine's Day.

I was very much prepared to spend the entirety of tonight with sparkling wine, tequila, chocolates and Grey's Anatomy. For the most part, that has been true. But what I wasn't counting on was a parcel from SD. He'd sent for it yesterday morning from the middle of the North Sea and it had arrived whilst I'd been at work today. Inside the parcel was a box of fancy chocolates and a Latin For Beginners textbook. There have been countless times I've been texting him telling him I'd missed my Latin classes. And he sent me that textbook.

I'm sorry but I mean... Isn't that just...

He sounds bloody perfect, right?

Well. I think he does.

So then, pray tell, why am I texting TBB about how I am alone in my flat and wondering if he was wanting to come round?

 I know, I know.

Collective disapproval at my general tequila sluttiness.

But I like SD. I really do! He makes me smile, he makes me laugh, I miss him when he's not here...

So why am I being a dick and trying to sleep with TBB??

I feel it's like it was with Troy (lol Troy #tbt - is that a thing? I feel so old) around this time... I feel that SD might be Troy in this case and TBB might be TGI. Fuck me, I do love some codenames, I really do.

Am I freaking out? Am I freaking out that this could be a possible (shudder) relationship? I suck at relationships! I broke up with Troy the day before we went on holiday together! 

But I really, really like SD. I mean, I like him enough to tell him I like him after only really knowing him properly for a weekend... I hate my honesty sometimes.

But I'm still trying to convince TBB to come over after he finishes work...

Tequila really does make me slutty.

I love tequila.

You know what else I love? Lee Pace in Pushing Daisies. Please tell me someone else knows of this most fucking fabulous TV show and this gorgeously eyebrowed man....?

God just look at him.

I think he's my dream man.

I do.

I would.

Man, if I could...

You know I'll update you tomorrow on whatever presumably godawful decision I make. I can only hope, for my sake, it ends in sex. It's been too long. TMI? (Is that still a thing? Again, old. Do you remember the TV show TMI? Was it CBBC? CITV? Shut up now, Nancy.) Anyway, TMI about my sex life? You are reading the wrong blog...


  1. Nancy!

    Do you like this kid or not?

    I'm just asking. Bedding TBB merely because you suck at relationships anyway...might as well get laid...makes it a self fulfilling proposition. Everybody sucks at relationships when they're 20. You'll never know whether or not you suck at relationships until you actually give it a try.

    Of course, it may not be all that serious with SD...maybe it's a sign. What do I know.

    1. I really like him. Like, really really like him.
      And he really likes me. Like, really really likes me...

      I wouldn't mind trying to find out whether or not I'd suck at a relationship with him. I know full well my relationship with Troy went majorly tits up. But I don't think that would happen with SD.


    2. Then go for it. Forget about TB and wait for it man to get back on shore. Just think about how clean yer conscience will be when he gets back....and experience the mind bending joys of delayed gratificAtion.

      He sent you the Latim book Nancy. He's paying close attention to you.

      Tell me to butt out at any point but this dood acts like he likes you.

    3. Maybe the TBB thing was like a last act of panic, you know? Maybe I needed to get it out my system...?

      Yeah, he does doesn't he? It's kinda awesome.