Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Tall Australian & The Rest

So it's properly over with Tall Australian.

It was a clean and mature way to end it and I don't even know why I was keeping him hanging on. So goodbye, Stewart. You were kind of weird but had the potential to be a fairytale prince. Maybe work on that a bit.

In other news... I like SD.

God, I know right. Quelle surprise, eh?

I've been trying to fight the fact that I like him. It's ridiculous. I've barely known him (properly) 3 months and we've only seen each other in person twice - I'm not counting Halloween when we met. The counting starts from December onwards when we started texting. But I mean, I genuinely do like him. I can't deny it.

He's kind, he's sweet, he's funny, he gets me. I don't want to kick him out in the early hours of the morning. I want to wake up to him. And that's really saying something coming from me. But I do. I want to have lazy Sunday mornings. I want to get up and have coffee with him. This is all very strange and unnatural for me.

It's not like it was with LB. It's not unhealthy. It's not over my head. I think he's going to be good for me. Speaking of LB, I was asking him what he was going to do when he graduates. Turns out he's going to do his masters in Amsterdam. And will be leaving in June/July time. June or July. That seems so far away. Not because I want him to stay - quite the opposite. I want him gone now. I don't want his presence hanging round here. I want to know that he's getting on with his life somewhere that's miles away from me. I don't want to be wary of nights out in case I see him. I don't want to be looking round the uni campus whenever I (rarely) attend lectures. I'm tired of it all. I'm tired of myself not getting over this. I'm tired of going to the fridge for wine whenever I've had a conversation with him.

Okay, maybe that was a bit too harsh. I will never be tired of wine.

Oooooh he just messaged me. He asked me why I was asking when he'd be leaving and if I was just after his flat. I replied saying that, nah I just wanted to know when I'd finally be rid of him. He replied to that with 'ouch that hurts'. AND THINK OF ALL THE POTENTIAL ANSWERS I COULD GIVE. All the one liners relating to how he hurt me etc etc. Oh if only I had the courage. Though it'd probably be a terrible idea, wouldn't it? Yes, most likely a terrible, terrible idea.

On another note: I bought a shit tonne of new pants yesterday. It was so exciting. I mean, seriously about 15 pairs. Not the ones that come in packs either. I actually took the time to choose proper nice ones. And then got to throw out some of my old ones. It can't just be me that gets excited about this. New pants!

Wore a new pair today. Felt invincible.


  1. Congrats on the new pants, I now want new pants.

    Also, in response to your comment, YOU are MY favourite.

    I kind of wish we were real life friends so you could whatsapp me about your adventures... HINT HINT xx

    1. I will whatsapp the fuck outta you. Omgeeee let's be BFFs x

    2. OMG please do. My e-mail address is Send me your number and we will seal this deal (for realsies yo) x

  2. I called this one from an ocean away.

    1. You did. I don't know why I ever doubted you.